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Randy began his business career in banking where he eventually became a Vice President with NCNB National Bank. In 1986, he decided to leave banking to become CEO of Corbin Henderson Company, a family-owned real estate firm. Henderson has extensive experience in finance and real estate. He has managed the day-to-day operations of the Corbin Henderson Company, a management and full-service real estate company.

Community Leader

Randy currently serves as Mayor of the City of Fort Myers, where he’s focused on rebuilding the infrastructure and jumpstarting the city’s economy. Before serving as Mayor, Randy served on the Fort Myers City Council.

In addition to his role as a public servant and a business leader, Henderson is an active community volunteer. He serves on various boards in the community including Keiser University, the Edison Pageant of Light, and The Salvation Army. Additionally, Randy served as a past president of the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce and Fort Myers Kiwanis Club, and previously served as chairman of the City of Fort Myers Conference and Convention Council. In 2015, Mayor Henderson was named president of the Florida League of Mayors at the organization’s annual business meeting and served from 2015-2016. He currently serves as 2nd Vice President for the Florida League of Cities.

Family Man

Randy and his wife, Ginny, have been happily married for 40 years and enjoy spending time with their family. The two have three adult children: sons Marcus and Alex and daughter Laura; and two granddaughters, Virginia Ann and Ellery Andrews.

Randy's Mayor Report Card

Water Infrastructure

Our waters and beaches are precious resources and are vitally important to our economy and quality of life. As Mayor of Fort Myers, I have worked tirelessly to protect our water quality. In Fort Myers we created the downtown river basin, an acre and a half stormwater retention area that treats water runoff before it enters the Caloosahatchee River. We received national awards for best practices on this issue. I have spent years working to protect the precious waters of Southwest Florida and will continue that fight in Washington; our economy and our quality of life depend on it.

Crime Rate

We need to put greater emphasis on prosecuting violent criminals. Violent crime was very high before my time as Mayor, but I worked with the police department to crack down on violent criminals. Today violent crime in Fort Myers is below the national average. On the other side of this issue, Fort Myers was one of the early supporters of President Trump’s criminal justice reform.

Property Value

During my time as mayor, property values rose seven consecutive years, and investors have flocked to our city to build.

#1 Place to Retire

Although the Coronavirus has put a hold on many parts of daily life, we continue to build infrastructure upgrades across the city, inspiring new businesses, and U.S. News ranks Fort Myers the best place to retire!

Unemployment Rate

As Mayor of Fort Myers, I have overseen the economic revival of our city. Just prior to the coronavirus outbreak our unemployment rate was 3.4 percent - that’s nine points lower than the day I took office.


During Mayor Henderson’s tenure, the City balanced their budget and continued to add reserves to the rainy day fund. He did that by cutting wasteful spending and jumpstarting the local Fort Myers economy. Today the city is in a strong financial position thanks to Mayor Henderson’s leadership.

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Economy & Jobs

The federal government should never be in the business of creating jobs. Instead, we need to continue passing President Trump’s America First agenda to rebuild our economy by empowering the private sector and job creators.

Eliminating Unnecessary Regulations

American businesses and taxpayers are crushed by unnecessary federal regulations. We need to cut the red tape that stands in the way of job creators to unleash the American economy.

Government Spending

As Mayor of Fort Myers, we balanced our budget and I believe the federal government should do the same. I support a Balanced Budget Amendment to force the federal government to live within its means and put an end to wasteful spending.


At a time when mayors across the country put the needs of criminal illegal immigrants over law-abiding Americans, I fought to keep Fort Myers free of dangerous sanctuary city policies. In Washington, you can count on me to continue that fight to enforce our immigration laws.

National Defense

America once again is a leader in the world thanks to President Trump. We must continue to rebuild and modernize the military to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Water Quality

Florida’s waters and beaches are precious resources and are critically important to our quality of life and a strong economy. We need to invest in the necessary infrastructure to mitigate and ultimately help prevent blue-green algae and red tide.